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This can be seen in the abundance of scientific tooling written in Julia, such as the state-of-the-art differential equations ecosystem (DifferentialEquations.jl), optimization tools (JuMP.jl and Optim.jl), iterative linear solvers (IterativeSolvers.jl), Fast Fourier transforms (AbstractFFTs.jl), and much more. General purpose simulation frameworks are available for Scientific Machine Learning, Qu antum computing and much more. Julia also offers a number of domain-specific ecosystems, such as in biology (BioJulia), operations research (JuMP Dev), image processing (JuliaImages), quantum physics (QuantumBFS), nonlinear dynamics (JuliaDynamics), quantitative economics (QuantEcon), astronomy (JuliaAstro) and ecology (EcoJulia). With a set of highly enthusiastic developers and maintainers, the scientific ecosystem in Julia continues to grow rapidly. Data Science

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The Julia Language

The Julia Co

Julia Language Community

Julia M Fraser


$31.6 M



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Pilosa Corp

Pilosa Corp

33$6.2 M
HPCC Systems

HPCC Systems

71$23.3 M
The R Foundation

The R Foundation

54$18.3 M
RStudio Inc

RStudio Inc

104$20.9 M Inc Inc

200$42 M

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What is Julia revenue?

Julia revenue is $31.6 M

How many employees does Julia have?

Julia has 176 employees

Where is Julia headquarters located?

Julia headquarters are located in United States

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Julia appears in search results as Julia, The Julia Language, The Julia CoJulia Language Community, Julia M Fraser...See More