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Issa Asad

Company Name

Issa Asad

Main Industry

Telephony & Wireless, Telecommunications


Contact Information

Dania Beach, Florida Office

499 E Sheridan St, Dania Beach, Florida, 33004, United States

(954) 482-4249

Issa Asad Profile and History

The Lifeline Assistance program, which was created in the 1980s by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) under Reagan administration has been helping individuals and families who cannot afford phone services. Originally, the program provided landline phone services for low income homes. With the creation and growing popularity of cell phones, the program now provides free and discounted cell phone service to those who qualify. The Lifeline program provides cell phone service with many of the same features as traditional cell phone service. You can typically send text messages, receive voicemails, use caller ID and make local, long distance and international phone calls. Plus, certain providers of the program take it upon themselves to subsidize the cost of a free phone to help consumers in need. Applicants must apply to the program and prove their eligibility. The eligibility requirements include participating in a government assistance program or meeting low income requirements as per their state. For many low-income families, covering the cost of basic necessities like food, housing, health care and childcare can be a serious financial struggle, paying a monthly cell phone bill is often an impossibility. In todays world, cell phone service is vital to daily tasks, including getting or keeping a job, coordinating childcare and healthcare, contacting emergency services, and keeping in touch with loved ones. Telecommunication companies like Dania, Floridas Q Link Wireless understand just how important affordable phone service is for low-income families and seniors. Q Link CEO Issa Asad explains, Thats why many participate in the nationwide Lifeline Assistance program. This program serves individuals throughout the U.S., providing affordable landline and mobile phone services to low-income households. Lifeline Helps Food Stamp Recipients, Medicaid Recipients & Senior Citizens The Lifeline program can help food stamp recipients, Medicaid recipients, and low-income senior citizens afford vital phone ...

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Issa Asad

Issa Asad Florida Tech & Marketing

Issa Asad Florida Tech & Marketing News


$2.4 M



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What is Issa Asad revenue?

Issa Asad revenue is $2.4 M

How many employees does Issa Asad have?

Issa Asad has 14 employees

What are Issa Asad’s primary industries?

Issa Asad’s main industries are: Telecommunications, Telephony & Wireless

What are some additional names or alternative spellings that users use while searching for Issa Asad?

Issa Asad appears in search results as Issa Asad, Issa Asad Florida Tech & Marketing, Issa Asad Florida Tech & Marketing News