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Gruppo Formula S.p.A

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Gruppo Formula S.p.A

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Via Bisceglie 76, Milano, Lombardy, 20152, Italy

+39 02 451 0411

Gruppo Formula S.p.A Profile and History

Gruppo Formula S.p.A. was founded in 1971 in Turin, Italy. The mission of Gruppo Formula is to contribute to its customers' success through the implementation of effective I.T. solutions to improve their business processes. As a product and service provider, Formula distributes its own line of ERP and BIA (Business Intelligent Applications) software products, and provides support to customers thro ughout the system lifecycle with implementation, customisation and consulting services. Leading international analysts regard Formula's ERP solution as market leaders and Gartner Group analysis states that Formula is the second Italian ERP vendor, after SAP. The company has successfully completed more than 800 installations of the Diapason ERP solution and the C,zanne business management suite for major Italian and International organizations. Headquartered in Turin, Formula has six branch offices in Italy - Milan, Rome, Bologna, Florence, Turin, Padua - development centers in Asti and Bari and a research center in Bologna. Outside Italy, it has subsidiaries in Madrid, Paris, Hamburg, Caracas, Mexico City and a network of agents and partners. Gruppo Formula S.p.A. has been the first Italian company to be listed on EASDAQ, the pan-European stock market for fast-growing companies, since November 3, 1997. Gruppo Formula S.p.A. is a member of Europe's 500, a pan-European Association of Dynamic Enterprises, which aims is to promote entrepreneurship and the development of fast-growing, job-creating enterprises throughout the different cultural environments of Europe. In order to continuously improve the Quality of its products and services, Gruppo Formula S.p.A. has become a general member of the European Foundation for Quality Management in October 1998 and in November 1998 has started a self assessment process towards business excellence. Since 1996, we obtained ISO 9001 certification for the entire commercial and production cycle. The employees are around 700. Total revenues for the financial year 1997/98 are of approximately 89 billion Italian Lire. Our main business lines cover: 1. ERP Business Unit comprising systems for administration, logistics and production (the ERP market segment ) based on Diapason, with which Gruppo Formula S.p.A. has the leadership in the Italian ERP market. the ERP System Line ,which is Gruppo Formula's most important business in terms of sales and use of resources, consolidated a leadership position in the Italian market, having 24% of the ERP market. 2. Analytic Application Unit comprising systems for management , based on the C,zanne components, (the market segment that we call EDMC) which targets a broader, International market. Our B.U. Diapason is a complete, modular, multi-platform ERP solution addressing the full range of enterprise operating needs in the following areas: administration, purchasing, sales, warehouse management, production planning and control, human resources administration. In addition to advanced functions and technological features, Diapason's granular structure and system implementation methodology are distinctive elements. By adopting a granular approach, Formula has developed Diapason as a series of focused modules: the various functions guarantee the in-depth support typical of best-of-breed applications, but without neglecting the need for integration with existing procedures. At the same time, system implementation is a gradual process: companies can introduce Diapason's application modules according to their particular needs, thus achieving rapid results and optimizing the resources, financial and other, invested in the project. In Italy, Gruppo Formula has established a broad network of partners, covering all the national territory and including both V.A.R., IT companies and consulting firms. The group strategy is to expand its market outside national boundaries. This will be achieved by extending and improving the current product line with further innovative solutions, and by establishing commercial and technological partnerships with firms across Europe. Since the 1994, Formula has been involved in the European Commission Research and in particular in IiM domain:Rums EP8224, Plent EP20723, Epsylon EP25359, Fluent EP29088.

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Gruppo Formula S.p.A

Gruppo Formula

Gruppo Formula S.p.A.



$54.7 M





Primary Industries

Top Gruppo Formula S.p.A Integrations and Technologies

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Gruppo Formula S.p.A Product Offerings

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Groupware Technology



Largest Customers of Gruppo Formula S.p.A Products

More than 5 companies reportedly use Gruppo Formula S.p.A products in their tech and software stacks

Gruppo Formula S.p.A Email Formats

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What is Gruppo Formula S.p.A revenue?

Gruppo Formula S.p.A revenue is $54.7 M

How many employees does Gruppo Formula S.p.A have?

Gruppo Formula S.p.A has 280 employees

Where is Gruppo Formula S.p.A headquarters located?

Gruppo Formula S.p.A headquarters are located in Via Bisceglie 76, Milano, Lombardy, 20152, Italy

What are Gruppo Formula S.p.A’s primary industries?

Gruppo Formula S.p.A’s main industries are: Software

What are Gruppo Formula S.p.A’s key products?

Gruppo Formula S.p.A’s key products are: Groupware Technology

What are some additional names or alternative spellings that users use while searching for Gruppo Formula S.p.A?

Gruppo Formula S.p.A appears in search results as Gruppo Formula S.p.A, Gruppo Formula, Gruppo Formula S.p.A.GRUPPO FORMULA SPA, More