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9266 227th Ave NE, Redmond, Washington, 98053, United States

(425) 460-8517

Colligent Profile and History

Colligent provides three complementary services to address your marketing needs at different levels. Affinity Map: Gives you quick answer to a specific question you have. For example, what keywords should I buy for my next Google buy? You pay for the answer you need, when you need it. Try it now. Affinity Answer: Gives you comprehensive and customized answers that require consulting, research, a nalysis, and data integration. Helps you differentiate in every campaign you execute. Typically bought by our enterprise clients with an annual retainer. Contact sales to get a customized presentation and demo. Affinity Target: This is the back-end version of Affinity Map embedded into many third party targeting tools in the market. Each tool asks the question to our backend and gets the answer automatically. It is available only through our partners such as BlueKai.

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Colligent Inc.

Colligent , Inc.

Colligent Inc


$958 K





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What is Colligent revenue?

Colligent revenue is $958 K

How many employees does Colligent have?

Colligent has 5 employees

Where is Colligent headquarters located?

Colligent headquarters are located in 9266 227th Ave NE, Redmond, Washington, 98053, United States

What are Colligent’s key products?

Colligent’s key products are: collectiveFleet

What are some additional names or alternative spellings that users use while searching for Colligent?

Colligent appears in search results as Colligent, Colligent Inc., Colligent ,, Colligent Inc...See More