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Clean Energy Labs

Company Name

Clean Energy Labs

Main Industry

Research & Development, Business Services


Contact Information

Austin, Texas Office

12126 Hewitt Ln, Austin, Texas, 78748, United States

(866) 451-9708

Austin, Texas Office

8906 Wall St, Austin, Texas, 78754, United States

(512) 821-3933

Austin, Texas Office

9900 Spectrum Dr, Austin, Texas, 78717, United States

Clean Energy Labs Profile and History

We are dedicated to the future of our plant and practice what we preach. cleanenergyservicesis in the process of installing solar and wind energy systems on our facilities that will completely eliminate our reliance on conventional electrical production. CES and SECCA, Inc. will be completely off grid by the winter of 2009. We are also developing commercial property which will be completely indepe ndent of the grid and will begin construction of this development by the end of 2010. To further demonstrate our commitment to renewable energies, CES has purchased hybrid vehicles for our staff and all installation vehicles are powered by bio-fuels.

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Clean Energy Labs

Clean Energy Labs LLC

Clean Energy Services

Clean Energy Services - LLC

Clean Energy Services LLC


$5.4 M





Funding History

Clean Energy Labs raised a total of $106 K in funding over 1 rounds.

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Clean Energy Labs Top Competitors

CompanyEmployeesRevenueTop technologies


10$2 M
Midwest MSC Workshop

Midwest MSC Workshop

8$1.6 M
Functional Materials

Functional Materials

15$2.2 M


25$4 M
Nanoparticle Synthesis

Nanoparticle Synthesis

4$818 K

What is Clean Energy Labs revenue?

Clean Energy Labs revenue is $5.4 M

How many employees does Clean Energy Labs have?

Clean Energy Labs has 17 employees

What are Clean Energy Labs’s primary industries?

Clean Energy Labs’s main industries are: Business Services, Research & Development

What are some additional names or alternative spellings that users use while searching for Clean Energy Labs?

Clean Energy Labs appears in search results as Clean Energy Labs, Clean Energy Labs LLC, Clean Energy ServicesClean Energy Services - LLC, Clean Energy Services LLC...See More