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Blue Spire Consulting

Company Name

Blue Spire Consulting

Main Industry

Architecture, Engineering & Design, Construction


Contact Information


1707 Folkstone Rd, Tallahassee, Florida, 32312, United States

Woodinville, Washington Office

7217 Marwood Pl, Woodinville, Washington, 98072, United States

Blue Spire Consulting Profile and History

Blue Spire has a ten year history in creating, managing and supporting open source frontend libraries, frameworks and tools. It is the creator of Caliburn, Caliburn.Micro and DurandalJS, which have been used to build many thousands of applications on every major platform as well as the web. Durandal Inc.'s CEO, Rob Eisenberg, is the President of Blue Spire and was the chief architect and project l ead for all these frameworks. In fact, Aurelia was originally created by Blue Spire before it was transferred to Durandal Inc. for the commercial reasons listed above. So, in a very real sense, Aurelia is "returning home". To accompany this formal return, Blue Spire is purging all projects and goals not related to its frontend technologies so that the company can focus 100% on Aurelia and its future.

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Blue Spire Consulting, Inc.

Blue Spire Inc

Blue Spire


Blue Spire Consulting , Inc.


$1.2 M





Top Blue Spire Consulting Integrations and Technologies

Here's a list of some of the top trending technologies and APIs used by Blue Spire Consulting.

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Blue Spire Consulting Product Offerings

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Largest Customers of Blue Spire Consulting Products

More than 440 companies reportedly use Blue Spire Consulting products in their tech and software stacks

Blue Spire Consulting Email Formats

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What is Blue Spire Consulting revenue?

Blue Spire Consulting revenue is $1.2 M

How many employees does Blue Spire Consulting have?

Blue Spire Consulting has 6 employees

Where is Blue Spire Consulting headquarters located?

Blue Spire Consulting headquarters are located in 1707 Folkstone Rd, Tallahassee, Florida, 32312, United States

What are Blue Spire Consulting’s primary industries?

Blue Spire Consulting’s main industries are: Architecture, Engineering & Design, Construction

What are Blue Spire Consulting’s key products?

Blue Spire Consulting’s key products are: Aurelia

What are some additional names or alternative spellings that users use while searching for Blue Spire Consulting?

Blue Spire Consulting appears in search results as Blue Spire Consulting, Inc., Blue Spire Inc, Blue SpireBluespire, Blue Spire Consulting , Inc....See More