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OpenSSL market share in the Alexa top 1M

Last update: August 22, 2014

TotalAdded last monthDropped last monthChange
4,46938,72323,37515,348 (343.43%)

Top competitorsMarket Sharevs. OpenSSL
VeriSign SSL9.19%-3.12%
The percentage below represents the number of websites using OpenSSL divided by the total number of websites using any known technologies in the ssl category; websites limited to the Alexa top 1M. Learn more about how we calculate this data on our FAQ page.

OpenSSL's market share in the Alexa top 1M

About OpenSSL

OpenSSL is an open source version of existing SSL and TSL security protocols that can be implemented by web developers in order to better protect and secure their websites from malicious software. Through OpenSSL’s programming, developers have the ability to add valuable protocols to their sites that keep out bots, spammers, and other programs that may destroy, modify, or steal data. OpenSSL, being built by a community of programmers, is fully modifiable and compliant with current web standards. It is also available for a number of operating systems, in a number of languages, opening up new avenues for developers to take in order to build and secure their sites. OpenSSL benefits from being open source as it allows for updates to be added regularly, meaning that users of OpenSSL with always have the most current version that is capable of handling all of the newest threats that may arise. By using OpenSSL’s toolkit and software, web developers and administrators can be sure that they have the best and most current software in order to protect their data and websites from attacks, and can trust that they can conduct their business freely in the knowledge that they are compliant with standards.

How do we calculate market share data?

Datanyze calculates market share data by taking the number of websites using a technology and dividing it by the total websites using any technology in the same category. Please note that the numbers are affected by the Alexa ranking (selector in the top right corner). Read more.

Can I get more detailed data?

Absolutely! Our customers can see all 4,469 websites that use OpenSSL, historical data and much more. Please request a demo if you are interested.

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