API Documentation

We offer JSON-format API for all our customers with unlimited access
In order to get access to the API, first please get your token from the settings page; you will need it for all your API calls.

API Methods

bold = required,
italic = optional
domain_infoGet company information and technologies currently useddomain
domain_historyGet history of changes for specific domaindomain
same as above
add_domainAdd domain to Datanyze to start tracking it.domain
same as above
technologiesGet list of technologies-http://api.datanyze.com/technologies/?email=your_email&token=your_token
technology_typesGet technology types such as CDN, DNS, Web Analytics, etc-http://api.datanyze.com/technology_types/?email=your_email&token=your_token
customersGet list of customers for specific technology technology_id - id of technology from 'technologies' call
limit - limit of how many domains to show. It's 100 by default and it can't be larger than 100
page - 1 by default. Since only 100 domains can be provided at one time, use this parameter to access more domains
10 top domains that use Google Analytics

101-200 ranked domains that use Google Analytics

countriesGet list of countries-http://api.datanyze.com/countries/?email=your_email&token=your_token
statesGet list of US states-http://api.datanyze.com/states/?email=your_email&token=your_token
revenueDollar values for each revenue ID-http://api.datanyze.com/revenue/?email=your_email&token=your_token
employeesEmployee counts for each employee count ID-http://api.datanyze.com/employees/?email=your_email&token=your_token
categoriesGet list of categories-http://api.datanyze.com/categories/?email=your_email&token=your_token
category_domainsGet list of domains in specific categorycategory_id - id of category from 'categories' callhttp://api.datanyze.com/categories/?email=your_email&token=your_token&category_id=243
alertsGet alerts for specific datedate - date in YYYY-MM-DD format. Today by default. Can go back up to 30 days maximum.http://api.datanyze.com/alerts/?email=your_email&token=your_token&date=2014-04-19

The output will contain the list of technology IDs that either added (key=1) or dropped (key=2) a website in a given period of time.


Error codeDescription
101Access denied. You have not provided correct username and token.
102Access denied. Your username and token are OK, but your account does not have access to our API.
103Requested domain was not found. Make sure that you specified 'domain' field. If you still think it's correct, that means we don't have any information about this domain in our system.
104No history found for this domain. Make sure that you specified 'domain' field. If you still think it's correct, that means we don't have any information about this domain in our system.
105No domains were found. This happens when we could not find domains for specific technology with parameters that you specified. One common reason for that is you specified a page number that is too high.
106No alerts found for this date. Make sure you specified correct date in YYYY-MM-DD format. Alerts that are older than 30 days are not accessible.
107No domains found in this category. Make sure you specified correct category. If you still see this error, we don't have any domains in this category.
108Domain is already in the system. This happens when you try to add a domain that we already track.
404You requested a call that does not exist.
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